Terrazzo Finishing and Restoration

Like most natural stone surfaces, terrazzo floors need regular diamond polishing to maintain its natural glossy look.  When maintained correctly, it’s a floor that can last for a lifetime and still keep its original beauty.  Diamond Surface Care offers professional terrazzo services to help keep your floors looking brand new.

Chip and Crack Repair

Our experts can repair any cracks or chips on your terrazzo, using a variety of aggregates that matches the color and blends seamlessly with the surrounding area.

Terrazzo Polishing  and Honing

Instead of using wax that can turn terrazzo yellow and collect dirt over time, we use progressively finer diamond grits to get rid of wear and tear.  Through continuous honing and polishing, glossy and matte finishes can be restored to their original luster.

Surface Sealing

With improper sealing, terrazzo can be prone to cracking and structural issues.  After polishing and cleaning, we use a high-quality terrazzo floor sealer to allow the surface to breath and prevent hydrostatic pressure from building up.

Floor Maintenance

We love educating our clients on good floorcare habits.  Your floors can last a lifetime following proper maintenance steps including:

  • Cleaning up spills immediately to prevent any staining
  • Dusting and mopping as well as cleaning stains with a neutral cleaner
  • Light mopping on lightly soiled floors

For more severe surface scuffing or stains, contact Diamond Surface Care.  Our experts can strip away old sealers and finishing coats, as well as apply resealing to the surface.  We always promote products with a neutral pH and ones that are free of harsh chemicals.

Your surface care experts

Let us be your guide to restoring your terrazzo surfaces.  We service homes and commercial buildings across the GTA and surrounding areas.


Elementary school floors get a lot of foot traffic from the students and teaching staff, and Diamond made sure that the our floors in the school were extremely well maintained. As winter ends, the salt tends to cause major scuffs but their terrazzo polishing really brought it back to life.

Giana L.